Iceland adventures

Ok, so one thing I found out about Iceland but not until I got there was… it’s really expensive. The Kroner does not give you back much when you are transferring from Aussie dollars. When we first arrived at the airport I got a coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts and I paid unknowingly about 9 dollars. However, the worst part was, that it wasn’t even good coffee. But it was from Dunkin Donuts so I didn’t have high expectations to begin with. I ended up getting another coffee from Joe and the Juice on the other side because I couldn’t start the day with bad coffee. So with the budget already blown for the day, we headed over and rented a car for three days. Definitely the best way to see Iceland. Ps everyone in the car rental looks like they’re fifteen, definitely a common theme in Iceland, where are all the old people?

Day 1.

We got the car and headed southwest to Seljalandsfoss, which is the tallest waterfall in Iceland but my fourth favourite on the trip. 500 metres to the north is a lesser known waterfall Gljúfrafoss, probably my third favourite. So it was safe to say that it was definitely a waterfall kind of day, as my boyfriend seems to be really into them. We continued to chase our third waterfall Skogafoss, which was definitely in second place. However, in terms of getting the best photo angles of me I would have to say that its number one, (thanks Jackson).

skogafoss 2

After seeing all the waterfalls we were pretty hungry so went to Vik and had the most expensive tomato soup (probably from a can) I have ever had. I am now considering a new career in importing Campbell’s soup to Iceland and charging a considerable amount of money, in my very own soup restaurant. On our way back to Reykjavic saw some horses, they were so adorable. Ended the day with dinner at Reykjavik Fish Restaurant and it was pretty good.


Day 2.

Golden Circle tour, we did this anti- clockwise (Jackson wanted to be different). Apparently it was to avoid traffic, but there were barely any cars on the road. First stop was Kerid crater which is pretty much a hole in the ground with water. Not sure if it was worth paying to see, but hey it was on the golden circle. Gulfoss falls was next and by far the best waterfall of them all.

Then onto Strokkur Geyser which are holes in the ground that spurt water. We had lunch at this really cute farm called Efstidalur, it served food from their farm and they even made their own ice-cream from the milk they got from their own cows. After lunch we were on the hunt for more rivers and waterfalls and Bruarfoss waterfall did not disappoint, it was by far the most beautiful place I ever seen. The water was actually blue, surrounded by mountains and beautiful landscape.

river me

Then at the end of the day we found ourselves at the number one tourist spot in Iceland, the Blue Lagoon. Jackson was skeptical as to the legitimacy of this lagoon since its man made and a little confused as to why it’s blue. Is it really because of the power plant next door? Anyways real or not it was really relaxing and my skin looked fabulous.

Day 3.

On the last day we drove out to Landmannalauger, but it was closed due to bad weather conditions, which was really unfortunate. We tried to go out as far as we could before the roads became too difficult to drive along. The drive out there was incredible, if you could imagine what the Moon or Mars might look like, then this is it. It felt like being in another world.

mars 2

The land is uninhabited and there is no one around as far as the eye can see. Such a strange feeling to be in a place where you wouldn’t be surprised if you saw aliens poke their head out from behind the rocks.

Mountins_After that it was time to get off the beaten track and find some hot springs, ones you didnt have to pay for though. We ended up trekking through the mountains in search of the Reykjalur hot springs. I have to say, getting in to warm water whilst being surrounded by beautiful mountains was an amazing experience. Mountins 1Getting out of the water surrounded by mountains and freezing temperatures, however, was not. I have never been so cold in my life, getting changed out of wet swimmers in 0 degree temperatures was pretty bad. I hate the cold so this didn’t add to my distaste for it. Thought I might get frostbite, obviously I didn’t. I was definitely a little melodramatic. During the walk back down the mountain I was dreaming of sitting back in the Blue lagoon where the 60 aussie dollars I paid for the comfort of man made waters didn’t seem so bad. We got back to Reykjavick after a really long day and decided to treat ourselves. We went to Restaurant Reykjavic and had the seafood buffet. It was ok, and we made sure we ate our money’s worth. The bill ended up being about 100 aussie dollars each. Pretty expensive. On the way home we thought ‘hey its our last night’ so ended up having some beers at the Drunk Rabbit and White Russians at the Lebowski bar. Budget well and truly blown.

We spent the next morning having a look at Hallgrimskirkja chapel, it was… a grey chapel, one of those things you should see though cause it’s in the town of Reykjavic. Dont get too upset if you dont see it though. we also went in search of the elusive puffin and ended up driving off road onto a deserted island where we were convinced they would be- they weren’t…


Made a little video of the adventure


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