Playa Del Carmen

Oh Playa Del Carmen, you were wonderful. It was however, a rocky start. We couldn’t find the address, then when we finally did my dad couldn’t remember how to get into the house we were staying at.  We had also misplaced a bag with my dads credit cards and phone in it, so we spent the morning cancelling cards and transferring money around. Definitely safe to assume everyone was in a bit of a bad way. The rest of Playa however, was incredible. There is so much going on in this place, the beautiful beaches, the cool beach clubs like Kool and Mamasita, both are really good. We opted to rent a day bed at Kool because you get your money back in food and drinks, Mamasita, however you have to pay to rent a bed but you don’t get anything back. I got sick of paying and bought my own umbrella, which I parked out the front of all the beach clubs, I had the best view on the beach.


The streets are filled with art on the walls, cocktail happy hours and amazing tacos. Some great tacos with quirky decor is TaconTenedore. They had a great cocktail menu and reasonable food prices. The fish tacos were the winner, in my opinion. La Parilla Mexican grill, was another great place for food. It was a little more expensive because its right on the main street. And if you’re over Mexican and looking for something cheap then wokplaya for thai food is awesome.


My favourite Mexican food was el fongo, its back from the beach a few streets and was great value. They also do a really nice mango mojito, which was exactly what I needed after the walk there.  To balance out all the drinking I spent most of my mornings at Bio natural organic store, their smoothies are packed full of healthy and delicious ingredients. I didn’t feel so bad drinking mojitos after I had a coconut kale smoothie.


I was on the hunt for some beautiful, quiet cenotes and Xcacelito at Xcacel was incredible. Its a turtle beach so you might see some turtles on your venture for cenotes, unfortunately we didn’t. We pretty much had the place to ourselves though because its not super touristy.






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