Tulum was one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. I honestly didn’t know what to expect but I loved everything about it from the amazing food, to the friendly people. I was with a large group of people, who were a mixture of Aussies and Kiwis so of course I was bound to have a good time. On the first day we all rented bikes and rode down to the beach as well as checked out the Tulum ruins. We were staying in town so the beach was about a 20 minute bike ride away.


It was cool to see the ruins but I also had nothing to compare it against, so I didn’t have high expectations therefor, it was pretty good. After the ruins, we decided that a bike crawl to each bar was in order and we started at a place called Coco Tulum. It was a really cool bar because you could swing on chairs and overlook the ocean (the ocean that day had a lot of seaweed). So not exactly the beach I was hoping for, the smell of old seaweed is pretty gross. But the bar itself was really nice. However, if you want the cheap drinks then this wasn’t the place. There are a lot of cheap bars in the main town of Tulum where you can buy cocktails for 3 dollars along with complimentary guac and chips. If you want cheaper food and drinks, then anywhere in town is your main bet. We were splurging and bought one cocktail so it was fine.

Some of the best food was el gourmet for sandwiches and a cafe down near the resorts called tunich for breakfast. I love my food and these places nailed it. Also both had really good coffee. Another winner was Charly’s vegan tacos, so good in fact we went back a second time. Best tacos I have ever had, and its all vegan.  I was really crazy when I first got there and bought a burrito from a street cart in town, it was fantastic. I wasn’t sick so that was a plus. So if you’re looking to live dangerously then the street carts in town are really good, maybe just make sure they are using purified water when they cook their rice. Jackson had a few too many street cart tacos and at one point I thought we may have had to send him home.

Our last night in Tulum we ended up at a really great bar in town called batey. It had live music and was completely packed. The whole street was lined with bars and people, along with great music and a constant stream of cocktails. Everyone wanted to leave that bar and go to some jungle party out near the resorts, unfortunately when we got there my sister was pretty much passing out from too many mojitos, so I had to take her home. I heard it was a really good night though, but drinks were expensive.


The next day to cure a hangover we decided to hire a car and drive out to Chichen itza. Its a pretty big drive from Tulum but definitely worth it. The drive from Chichen itza to Playa del Carmen was definitely not though. I was in a mini van with my family and boyfriend, and everyone is trying to direct and backseat drive at the same time. At one point I was thinking of jumping out of the car and walking the rest of the way, just to get a break. Family time is nice just not when your’e in a mini van together trying to figure out where you’re going and my dad is telling Jackson from the backseat how to drive a car.






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