Vegas and Coachella in a week 

So the beginning of my trip started out as the most outrageous time I have ever had. We flew into LA and drove straight down to Vegas. Vegas was so much fun but the longest you wanna stay there is 3 nights max. We stayed four. We booked at the Flamingo, which I think for the money is pretty good. Its comfortable and one of the best spots on the strip. Vegas, however, definitely got the better of me, and it doesn’t help that I’m terrible at budgeting, which means I spend money until its gone. Was glad to get out of there. I didn’t spend a lot of money on food though.  I lived on a diet of burgers and fries. Not good for the waistline.


We then went to Coachella. We rented a house in Palm Springs, definitely the best decision to spend a little more money and enjoy a hot shower at the end of a really big night of standing in the cold and listening to awesome music. Lady Gaga was the highlight, even my boyfriend couldn’t get enough of her. Our friend ate a glow stick and was a little worried about his health. However, when Gaga’s beats came on, he soon forgot his ailments.  Palm Springs is beautiful. I can see why Americans go there to relax cause I definitely felt relaxed after a bottle of vodka and copious amounts of hash browns, by which I mean the potato kind. I was sad to say goodbye to Palm Springs another night relaxing would have been nice. A lot of fun memories and the best 30th I could have asked for. Jackson wore the same shirt three days in a row. Worked out well though because we could always spot him in a crowd. However, the night I will remember the most and which I am sure he will remember, is one of my kiwi friends getting lost from us inside the festival (the shirt did not work it’s magic this time unfortunately). We didn’t see him until the next day, hobbling inside the front door as he had walked 7 hours from Palm Desert catching the wrong bus home (was meant to be Palm Springs).



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